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Club Officers


President: Tony Chamberlain

President-Elect: Sam ShapiroAdministration

Vice-President: , Program

Secretary: Drexel Poling

Treasurer: Richard Fullen

Immediate Past-President: Bob McCrady

Board Members 

Angela Beavers, Public Relations

David Crawford, Membership 

Gary Montgomery, Service Project

Jessica Mullins, Fund Raising

Administration—Tony Chamberlain

Nominating—Ian Webb

Budge and Audit—Gary Scherer; Ellery Elick

Membership—David Crawford, Director

New Member Committee Debbie Hoffman

Directory Ian Webb

Orientation/Mentoring Ian Webb

Recruitment/Retention David Crawford

Social Activities Jayme Fountain

Public Relations—Angela Beavers, Director

Charitable Activities Dannie Fouts

Community Recognition Eric Liggett

Rural-Urban Day Ellery Elick & Judy Wolford

Media Relations Ned Schreiner

Newsletter Patty Rothe

Program—Sam Shapiro, Director

Attendance Drexel Poling

Meeting Operations Monthly Co-Chair

Meeting Set-up Barry Pontius

Piano Don Metzler & Ellery Elick

Weekly Program Sam Shapiro

Fundraising—Jessica Mullins, Director

Rotary International Foundation Charlie Hedges

Community Literacy Bob Sneed

Golf Scramble Tony Chamberlain

Flower Sale Carly Neff

Scholarship Drawing Amy Elsea

Pumpkin Show Booth Bob McCrady & Chris Mullins

Service Projects—Gary Montgomery, Director

Big Wheel Race Jim Hooks

Community Kitchen Gary Montgomery

Community Parks & Trails Dan Fouts & Ned Riegel

Four-Way Speech Contest 

International Service Jean Droste

Scholarship Screening Joe Brown

Student of the Week Jonathan Davis

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