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By: Patty Rothe, Rotary Newsletter Editor; 


(Editor's request: Please remember to jot down your announcements & give them to me. A simple hand-written note or an e-mail in advance would work well. Thank you!)

Presiding: Pres. Ian Webb

Prayer: Norm Wilson

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Ty Ankrom

Song: Jayme Fountain-"Hey, Look Me Over" & "R-O-T-A-R-Y"

Absentees: Adams, Beavers, Craig Brown, Joe Brown, Christopher, Coyan, Davis, Dan Delong, Esala, Ewing, Foster, Gerhardt, Grover, Adam Johnson, Justinger, Kowalski, Mabe, Mavis, McIlroy, Chris Mullins, Jessica Mullins, Pelcic, Radcliff, Rawlins, Scherer, Sigmon, Sneed, Stevens, Matt Tootle, Vallette, Vickers, White, Wolford, Yaniga

Make ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Rob Radcliff, by Earl Palm; Daryl Wolfe, by David Crawford; Jerry Voss, by Nasandra Wright.

June birthdays: 18-Gary Scherer, Rick Rawlins; 22-Beth Kowalski; 24- Bob Johnson

June anniversaries:5-Gary Dean; 7-Wayne Vickers; 10-Bob Liggett; 11-Jonathan Davis; 21-Dick Gerhardt, Fred Mavis; 24-Jim Hooks; 29-Patty Rothe

Happy Dollars: None

Student Guests: None, due to school year ending now.

Lottery: Jim Hooks was this week's winner of $16, but the golden pebble remained hidden. The jackpot is now $440.


  • Next Rotary After-hours Event is tonight, 6/06/19, from 5-7PM at Rhoads Garden Center. Bob Liggett & Bob McCrady are the sponsors.
  • John Ankrom Memorial Tournament: Couldn't hear the details
  • Via e-mail
    • Incoming District Governor, Gary Vaughan, has extended an invitation to all Rotarians to attend his induction celebration on 06/21/19 at 6PM at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 555 North St., Columbus.
    • Gary Vaughan sent a notice that the 2020 Rotary International Convention will be in Honolulu, Hawaii, from June 6th-10th, 2020. He explained that interest has been high, so registration may need to be closed once a certain number is met. So don't delay in making your registration! Link is: www.riconvention.org.

SAA: Tony Chamberlain

  • Fined all of those with good eyesight, in honor of National Eyewear Day
  • Higher Education Day: fined those in the education industry
  • Fined all who ate lunch today
  • Conducted a quiz on D-Day trivia, by table rows.

Program: Heather Foll introduced today's speaker, Ashley Thacker, with a "Brief History of Funeral Service." Ashley is ne of the managers of the Shoedinger Funeral Home chapel here in Circleville. She graduated from Logan Elm High Scholl in 2011, and then in 2015 graduated from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. She is a member of Sunrise Rotary, and enjoys traveling to historic places in her free time. She documents her travel experience on social media to help give other people weekend trip ideas for their family.


  • Displayed a PowerPoint
  • Embalming began in Egyptian times, as they felt perople went on to an afterlife.
  • Emblaming process took 70 days in Egyptian times. It now takes about two hours.
  • In early American times, the whole funeral process took place at home.
  • During the Civil War, Jean Gannal discovered using arsenic in the elbalming process, which is still used today.
  • Abraham Lincoln was "a huge advocate of the embalming process."
  • Discussed how many of the same steps & processes were used for JFK's funeral as were used in Abraham Lincoln
  • Cremation is becoming more common. In 1876, the first crematory was opened in Washington, PA
  • 48% of the deceased in 2015 were cremated

Speaker's contact info:

None provided

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pickaway County Dog Shelter will be made in their names.

June programs:

  • 13th: Amanda Knotts from Brooks Yates
  • 20th: Rainbow Literacy program - David Fausnaugh
  • 27th: Changing of the Guard

July programs:

  • 4th: NO MEETING - Happy 4th of July!
  • 11th: Brian Stewart, Pickaway County Commissioner
  • 18th: Sheree Reray, Chief Warden of the Pickaway County Dog Shelter
  • 25th: Debbie Rydinsky, Applied Therapy Co., regarding massage therapy

August programs:

  • 1st: Dr. Christopher Hoch, OSU Marching Band Director
  • 8th: Brandon Smith, CEO/Producer, Tecumseh
  • 15th: Dr. Rustin Moore, Dean of OSU College of Vet Medicine -"The Power of Pets"
  • 22nd: Ann Culek, Slate Run Living Historical Farm
  • 29th: Dr. Jon Kulaga, President of OCU
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