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By: Marie Nemes-Crawford, Rotary Newsletter Editor;  Marienc43113@gmail.com

Presiding: President - Tony Chamberlain

Prayer: Dan Fouts

Piano: Ellery Elick

Song: Ian selected “Daisy Bell” and “Rotary Will Go Round the World”

Attending: Brown, Canfield, T.Chamberlain, Crawford, Dean, Droste, Elick, Foster, Fountain, Fouts, Fullen, Hedges, Hooks, Hunnell, Johnson, B.Liggett, McCrady, McNemar, Mavis, Montgomery, Nemes-Crawford, Palm, Poling, Radcliff, Rawlins, Robinson, Rothe, Searls, Sneed, Spangler, B.Tootle, D.Webb, I.Webb, Wilson, Wolfe

July Anniversaries: 30th-John Ellis; 31st-Joe Brown

August Birthdays: 5th-Bill Stout; 8th-Steve Irwin; 10th-Gerard Maroscher; 23rd-Warren Spangler

August Anniversaries: 3rd-Don Ritchie; 4th-Drexel Poling; 7th-Jerry Leist; 14th-Dan Fouts; 18th-Tom Tootle; 19th-Bob Sneed; 20th-Roxan Sigmon; 22nd-Sam Shapiro; 26th-Bob Tootle; 

Lottery: Gary Montgomery was this week’s winner of $15. The big bean was not found. The jackpot was $109.

SAA: Jayme Fountain (and her scooter). Hope your foot heals quickly.

  • Today is national lasagne day - Jamie makes hers with 17 ingredients. Name the ingredients.
  • International Tiger Day - any association with Circleville City Schools pay $1


  • Joe McNemar invited us all to Community United Methodist Church 120 Pickaway St. on Saturday, August 14th from 2-4pm for a Back to School Bash. They will have food, games, bounce house, gifts and join them again on Sunday, August 15th for worship 9-10:30am for a “Blessing of the Backpacks”!
  • Gary Montgomery thanked the volunteers at the Community Soup Kitchen - Rob Radcliff, David and Marie Crawford, Gary and Sandy Montgomery and Alice Harker. 60 meals served.
  • Next After Hours will be 5:30-7:00pm, August 26th, Pizza Cottage. Sponsored By Warren Spangler and Rob Radcliff

Program: Anthony Neff from Pickaway County Engineers Office. Has been with engineers office for 17 yrs. Sunrise Rotary past-president

  • Two offices, in the old jail is administrative and facility workers on Island Rd. 34 licensed vehicles out there
  • Maintains 225 miles of roadways and 273 bridges
  • Funding - license plate fees and fuel tax ONLY
  • Fuel tax is flat fee per gallon - some money goes to federal and other part to counties 
  • State Routes - ODOT takes care of these roads
  • Township trustees - have bulk of roads in county with three elected officials over them
  • 37 yrs. is average age of bridges in our county (designed to be 40-50 yr lifespan)
  • $250-$500 per square foot for bridge work
  • Bridge work is done with grants - Credit Bridge Program
  • Fox bridge has been closed - grant is approved and working on design. Will be a high dollar bridge ($5million) because of environmental concerns
  • Bridges - yearly inspections. Chris and Anthony do their own inspections, they want to personally see them, not a consultant.
  • Road maintenance - Paving about 7 miles per year with $115,000 per mile. Average life is 10-20 years
  • No one likes chip sealing, but it is $10,000 per mile. Average life is 4-8 years
  • Every road is rated every other year so can prepare for the grant process which is 5 years in the future
  • Newer pots of money from Governors increase in fuel tax related to safety funds: signing, intersections. Can take yearly safety information by road and accident data to determine next steps.
  • Maintenance Ditches - if there is major water problem. Currently maintain 33 miles of ditches. Early winter/spring will be dug out.
  • Snow and Ice maintenance - Salt prices fluctuate every year and hard to budget. Use about 2,000 tons a year. Year before have to estimate and contract to buy 90% of estimate and no more than 110% so a big snow in January has them worried for the remaining of the year
  • Tax Map Department - reviews all land description for deeds and prepares tax maps for all parcels in the county
  • Speed zone studies - if not 55, a speed study has been done and approved by ODOT
  • Traffic impact studies (Sofidel had to do one - have to look at how the business is going to impact the traffic). 6 in the last 8 months - big things in the work for our area and hopefully increase job opportunities
  • Storm water and subdivision review
  • Navigating through COVID-19, planning and managing the supply chain delays - railing for a bridge right now cannot be shipped and the bridge has to stay closed
  • Roundabout, first one on a county, will be at Bell Station and Walnut Creek Pike. Won a safety award for this plan. Hopefully in 2023, but will require power lines and poles moved first.
  • Deck replacement is Pickaway Co. Employees - doing 3 now
  • Brand new bridges are contractors
  • Gas tax is best user fee but dying breed with alternative fuel 


By: Marie Nemes-Crawford, Rotary Newsletter Editor; Marienc43113@gmail.com

Presiding: President - Tony Chamberlain

Prayer: Tony Robinson

Piano: Ellery Elick

Song: In the Good old summer time, Sing out a song of ROTARY

Attending: Brown, Canfield, Chamberlain, Crawford, Dailey, Dean, Elick, Ellis, Foster, Fountain, Fouts, Fullen, Hedges, Johnson, Hooks, B.Liggett, E.Liggett, McCrady, McNemar, Maroscher, Mavis, Montgomery, Nemes-Crawford, Palm, Poling, Radcliff, Riegel, Robinson, Schreiner, Searels, Spangler, B.Tottle, T.Tootle, Wilson, D.Webb, I.Webb, Wolfe, Wolford

Guests: Tony Chamberlain introduced Katie Logan-Hedges; Bob Sneed introduced his wife, Jennifer

July birthdays: 10th-Earl Palm; 11th-Gary Montgomery; 14th-Joe Brown

July Anniversaries: 1st-Warren Spangler; 4th-Eric Liggett also Judy Wolford; 14th-Ian Webb; 18th-Gerhard Maroscher; 30th-John Ellis; 31st-Joe Brown

Happy Dollars: Dan Dailey - granddaughter made him great grandparent, graduated from seminary

Lottery: Charlie Hedges was this week’s winner of $16. The big bean was not found. The jackpot was $86.

New Member Proposed: Mark Bidwell, current Circleville City Auditor, has been proposed for membership by David Crawford. Refer any concerns about membership to Drexel.

SAA: Tom Tootle with a twist

  • $20 from Tom Tootle because of undercurrents in past meetings about questions being too hard, so rules today, if you get the answer correct, you take a $1 OUT of the hat ( I think only $3 left the hat)
  • Hide, herd, flock - collective nouns
  • Group of chicken - brood
  • Group of geese - gaggle
  • Group of lions - pride
  • Group of monkeys - troup
  • Group of Blue jays - scold
  • Group of Baboons- congress


  • Thanks to Bob McCrady and Bob Liggett and of course Carly Neff for a wonderful After Hours event at Rhodes Garden Ctr. There were 36 people in attendance.
  • Soup Kitchen is next Monday, July 26th, 4:00-5:15pm, please see Gary Montgomery if you are able to assist
  • Rotary Foundation summary for last fiscal year:
    • Goal $6,500 we collected $7,710, plus we have Polio Plus contributions of $1,868 which totaled $9,578
    • 152 Paul Harris Fellows; 4 major donors; 4 benefactors; 1 Bequest Society member
    • All Time giving to the Rotary Foundation for our club is almost $360,000
  • PICCA board would like to replace our Rotary member who is stepping down. They meet once a month - still remote. Please see Tony if you are interested in stepping into the position.

Program: Drake Sneed, founding member of Private Aviation Company Wheels Up was introduced by his father, Bob. Drake is a CHS and OSU graduate with experience in medical and veterinary supply sales before he joined Wheels Up. He is a partner in a Napa Valley winery and a veterinary supply company. Drake is a former Rotarian from the Upper Arlington club. 

  • Wheels Up went public last week
  • Formed 7.5-8 yrs ago
  • Goal of pilot is to have same number of landings as take-offs
  • 2,200 domestic operators 
  • When flying privately there are only a few options - buy an airplane, have someone fly it for you or fly it yourself. Can buy a portion of an aircraft (based on hours).
  • Membership model is Wheels Up- members decide where to go and what plane they want. Wheels Up might rent the airplane from someone
  • COVID has created situation where folks don’t want to go commercial, so Wheels Up provides option for those that have the means
  • Last 18 months have unprecedented growth for all companies with this option
  • You will see Wheels Up sponsorship names on golfers, ads on TV
  • Wheels Up flys 250-300 flights a day with 450 aircrafts
  • Largest domestic management company. Buy a plane and Wheels Up will manage it for you, find the pilots for you and then pay you to use it when you are not
  • Smallest plane KingAir 359, Beechcraft, original one was made in the ‘50’s, $8 million a piece, holds 8-9 people, great plane for the 1-2 hr flight
  • Avg. private plane trip is 1.5hrs with 2.9 passengers
  • Largest - Global 6000, $60million plane, worldwide range - we manage several
  • Flying 12 people to Florida, would be a large cabin aircraft. $12-$13K an hour
  • Flying 8 people to Florida, would be reduced to $4.5-$7K an hour 
  • Wheels Up flies Kirk Herbstreit (he is an investor and ambassador) and that is how they got involved with ESPN
  • Have about 24 pro-golfers as advertisers
  • Where would we get on the airplane? Every passenger is screened, name, DOB submitted to TSA. Show up with ID to pilot. PIckaway Co. Airport, if the plane can land there. Rickenbacker, John Glenn also, but not out of main airport. 
  • Plane is going to leave when you get there, drive onto tarmac, unload and someone will park your car
  • Pick up a hat as you leave if we would like to help rep the brand
  • Wheels Up charter requires they only fly planes with two pilots and two engines


In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to The Hope House will be made in their names.

July Programs:

July 1st: Matthew Riddle-Red Cross

July 8th: Kyle Wolfe-New Teays Valley Superintendent

July 15th: Tim Williams-Logan Elm Building Project

July 22nd: Drake Sneed-Wheels Up

July 29th: Anthony Neff - Pickaway County Engineers Office

August Programs:

Aug. 5: Mike Videkovich-Pickaway Farm Bureau

Aug. 12: Kim Shannon-Three Pits and a Lady

Aug. 19: Don McIlroy-Mayor of Circleville

Aug. 26: Jarrod Burks-Ohio Valley Archeology

September Programs:

Sept. 2nd: Penny Dehner, Executive Director, Paint Valley ADAMH Board

Sept. 9th: Ryan Scribner, Executive Director, P3, Pickaway County Economic Development Director

Sept. 16th: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

Sept. 23rd: Dr. John Kulaga, President, Ohio Christian University

Sept. 30th: Kyle Wolfe, Superintendent, Teays Valley Schools

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