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By: Patty Rothe, Rotary Newsletter Editor; 


(Editor's request: Please remember to jot down your announcements & give them to me. A simple hand-written note or an e-mail in advance would be greatly appreciated!

Presiding: Tony Chamberlain

Prayer: Warren Spangler

Piano: None

Song: None

Absentees: Adams, Brown, Canfield, Connie Chamberlain, Colburn, Coyan, Davis, Dean, Delong, Droste, Ellis, Esala, Ewing, Foster, Fountain, Fullen, Gerhardt, Grover, Hoffman, Hooks, Irwin, Adam Johnson, Justinger, Liggett, Lovelace, Mavis, McNemar, Metzler, Chris Mullins, Neal, Palm, Pelcic, Pontious, Radcliff, Rainey, Rawlins, Riegel, Ritchie, Sigmon, Snedegar, Stevens, Stevenson, Matt Tootle, Vickers, White, Wolfe, Wolford, Yaniga

Make ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: None

September birthdays: 3rd - Heidi White; 6th - Harry Canfield; 7th - Jim Hooks; 9th - Jim Hill; 14th - Dwight Radcliff; 21st - Dan Fouts; 27th - Jessica Mullins

September anniversaries: 6th - Ty Ankrom; 13th - Clark Cellio; 15th - Ellery Elick; 17th - Angela Beavers; 21st - Dan Dailey; 27th - Warner Searls & Todd Stevens; 30th - Dave Webb

Happy Dollars: None

Student Guests: Andrea Brown, Guidance Counselor at Westfall, introduced Josie Williams & Shelby Loudermilk

Lottery: No lottery was held today. The jackpot is $982.


  • Bob Sneed: PCCF is having their annual Shooting Event & raffle fundraiser. Bob has tickets for sale for $20 each
  • Carly Neff: Drew our attention to the flyers on each of our chairs regarding our Rotary Fall fundraiser. For sale are: Fall mums in 9” pots ($15 per pot or 5 for $70) or jumbo mum in a 12” pot ($29.99 ea.), or a a Fall decorating package (straw, corn stalks, mum, pumpkin, & Indian corn) for $39.99. Gift cards can be purchased for $25 each. Order on-line at https://tinyurl.com/y39tkqg9 or by phone (740-404-5698) or by e-mail: neffcj@yahoo.com. Orders can be picked up at Rhoads starting Sept. 15th or have it delivered for only $5. Checks to be made payable to Circleville Rotary Club.
  • Pres. Tony: 
    • Oct 31st (Saturday) will be our annual Rotary golf Tournament fundraiser at Cook’s Creek. Golf Club. 10AM is the shotgun start time.
    • A suggestion was made that each member donate the amount of money that they would’ve normally spent at Pumpkin Show, to help the club offset the loss from not being able to have our Rotary booth at Pumpkin Show. Checks to be made to Circleville Noon Rotary, PO Box 505.
    • Passed to everyone a Committee sign-up sheet. He asked that we get it back to him as soon as possible.
  • Past-President Bob McCrady was finally able to give his outgoing-president’s speech. He realyed some highlights from the past year.
  • Pres. Tony: Reminder to pay your Rotary dues, if you’ve not done so already.
  • SAA: None

Program: Pres. Tony introduced today’s speaker, fellow Rotarian, Gary Montgomery.


  • Gary was dressed in an historical costume for his presentation.
  • Spoke of the reenactment camp in which he participates every year (but this year due to COVID). 
  • The time period they recreate is 1799, in Lancaster area.
  • He mentioned several historical figures from that period.
  • He spoke of the “big events” that happened, and how the people lived.
  • The “lush plains’” of Ohio were very fertile, and became a major draw to the settlers. Ohio was called “the bread basket.”
  • He displayed some of the period clothing & other artifacts. Explained how people adapted and lived according to the environment. He revealed details such how shoes were made in a neutral style; no right-foot or left-foot.
  • Showed some of the different styles of hats, and stated the beneficial features of each type. Scarves were also worn to help identify members of a group during battles.
  • Spoke about the several books he had on display, one of which was written by Daniel Boone’s son, Nathan Boone.
  • Gary explained how the frontiersmen utilized every part of the animals they hunted.
  • In conclusion he shared two more stories, one about the making of “bone soup” during a hunting drought, and the other was about a woman who was held captive by Indians and then sold back.


  • In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to a non-profit will be made in their names.

September programs: 

  • 10th: Shirley Brooks-Jones, on her 09/11 airplane experience & the wonderful ripple effect
  • 17th: Gary Montgomery - Frontier times in the 1700’s & 1800’s
  • 24th: TBA

October programs:

  • 1st: TBA
  • 8th: TBA
  • 15th:TBA
  • 22nd: TBA
  • 29th: TBA



Presiding: President Bob McCrady

Piano: Ellery Elick

Prayer: Joe Brown

Introductions: Ned Riegel

Earl Palm’s guest is Chetty Jarezk 

Songs: Warren Spangler led the singing of "My Wild Irish Rose” and "Sing Out a Song of Rot’ry.”

Absentees: Adams, Canfield, Connie Chamberlain, Colburn, Coyan, Davis, Dean, Droste, Ellis, Esala, Ewing, Foll, Fountain, Irwin, Adam Johnson, Justinger, Lovelace, Chris Mullins, Jessica Mullins, Neal, Pelcic, Rob Radcliff, Rainey, Rawlins, Rothe, Shriner, Searles, Sigmon, Snebergar, Stevens, Matt Tootle, Vickers, Dave Webb, Ian Webb, Wright, Yaniga

Make ups: eClubOne, Charlie Hedges

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Earl Palm brought Chetty Jarezk and Rob Radcliff brought Tyler Reed.

Students: Westfall, Andrea Brown introduced Preston Clifton, Clifton Farm, ag mechanics, xc and track, MVP xc, working on cars and engines, Columbus State mechanics program

Darby Minor, sports medicine Pickaway Ross and OCU, 4-H, junior fair board, NHS, Huntington University


  • Tony Chamberlain ammounced that District Governor Elect Steve Hiezer is looking for an Assistant Governor for our area. If interested, contact Tony.
  • David Crawford passed around "thinking of you" Cards for Dwight Radcliff and Bill Stout.
  • Assistant District Governor, Connie Hendron, passed out the 125 Club Awards. It is still possible to qualify with by donating $100 to the Rotary Foundation and $25 to PolioPlus. Thus you will help promote peace, help provide clean water, and try to eliminate polio around the world. There are now only 25 wild polio cases. 
  • Charlie Hedges commented on our Foundation giving. With help of the District Matching Program, $3,000 was given in February. New Paul Harris Fellows are Marie Crawford, David Crawford +1, Ned Reigel +3, Dannie Fouts +3. 

SAA: Fred Mavis

  • Could fine Connie Hendron, but...
  • Rotary Anniversaries
  • From The Herald, Rob, Jonathan, and Chris for letters to the editor
  • Election Quiz

Lottery: Angela conducted the drawing. Ellery won $19, but missed $982.

Introduction: Ellery Elick introduced fellow Rotarian Gerhard Maroscher, author of “Why Can’t Someone Just Die Around Here, second edition.”

Gerhard Maroscher was born in Romania during WWII to ethnic German (Transylvanian Saxon) parents. His ancestors had lived in Romania for 800 years. His family was separated and driven from their homeland by WWII. As a child Gerhard lived in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Nazi Germany, Communist East Germany, and American occupied West Germany. In 1952 the reunited family immigrated to the USA. Gerhard attended public schools and graduated with an engineering degree from The Ohio State University. 

Gerhard worked for DuPont for 34 years after having served in Vietnam. Following retirement, he began a second career teaching high school German. He wrote short stories for his students to encourage reluctant readers. Five books of short stories were published so far 10,000 were sold. The great majority of the books are purchased for use by high school students of German. 

After retiring from teaching, Gerhard began writing his memoir. It is titled, Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here? He based his writing on notes of conversations with his parents that he had been collecting for decades. During that time he also recorded his own recollections to keep them fresh. Documents preserved by his parents, combined with research, made it possible for him to write and self-publish his memoir in October 2015. After finding long lost additional notes of interviews with his mother, he published a second edition in May 2019.

Program Highlights:

  • Dec. 2017 found a long lost notebook
  • Since updating, got professional editing
  • Sold 1,800 more copies, but still in the red
  • His family were thnic Germans from the Holy Roman Empire who left central Germany in the 12th century
  • Farmers and happy
  • Separated for 2.5 years during and following WWII
  • August 1940, became Hungarian because the border moved
  • Against the law to do business with Jews, but his father did so secretly
  • Russian line broke through, Mom had to decide what to do; fear of atrocities, including mass rape
  • Traveled to Vienna, 3 weeks for a trip that usually tood 2 days
  • Nunnery in Austria, dismal conditions
  • Diphtheria of his mother and brother; his diarrhea left him near death
  • Gerhard’s mother requested that the Nazi Camp Administrator give permission to cook food; denied
  • Pulled out a pistol to ‘negotiate’ an agreement to let mothers cook for their children
  • Arrived in Weimar during an air raid, blackout, February, dark
  • By providence found her sister's house and her parents were there
  • April 12, 1945 Patton entered without resistance
  • Small contingent left to administer the city
  • Buchenwald Camp freed, release of criminals created a rein of terror, his mother saved them
  • Now Communist East Germany, a time of fear and meager rations
  • Father in Czechoslovakia, a POW for 3 months
  • Father at risk now because of Romanian background
  • Jewish friend, now a Communist, saved his father
  • Father and mother were writing letters back and forth
  • Crossed the border to get to Rothenburg-ab-der-Tauber
  • Couldn’t provide for his family
  • 1952 allowed to emigrate
  • Sponsored by Christ Lutheran Church
  • Remembers grocery store with aisles of food
  • Father strived to become an engineer including .working on space travel
  • Got contact from Mr. Massler’s (the Jewish friend of his father who he saved and saved him) daughter

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pumpkin Show Park will be made in their names.

March programs:


April programs:


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