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Presiding: Pres. Bob McCrady

Prayer: Harry Canfield

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Warren Spangler

Song: Adam Johnson- “Call You Sweetheart” & “For Me and My Gal”

New Member: Ty Ankrom introduced our newest member, Craig Lovelace of CSL Communications. His classification is “Media.”

Absentees: Adams, Beavers, Brown, Colburn, Coyan, Dean, Delong, Droste, Ellis, Esala, Ewing, Foll, Grover, Eric Liggett, Mavis, Montgomery, Chris Mullins, Jessica Mullins, Neal, Palm, Pelcic, Rob Radcliff, Rainey, Rothe, Scherer, Searles, Snedegar, Stevens, Matt Tootle, Vickers, David Webb, White, Wolfe, Wright, Yaniga

Make ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: None

February birthdays: 3rd - Joe McNemar; 9th - Richard Coyan; 10th - Don McIlroy; 11th - Norm Wilson; 14th - Ian Webb; 16th - Steve Stevenson; 22nd - Rob Radcliff

February anniversaries: 6th- Don McIlroy; 21st - Carly Neff

Happy Dollars: None

Student Guests: Nate Smith of Logan Elm High School introduced the Student Guests by explaining that the goal to improve the culture of the school is helped by having students like these.  

Hope Miller is in National Art Honor Society, FCA, Key Club and participates in the music program. She plans to attend OU in Education.

Marissa Schultz is a basketball cheerleader, runs track, is in FFA and NHS. She also plans to attend OU.

Luke Baldwin is in NHS, FCA, and Key Club. He is on the golf, baseball, and tennis teams. Also planning to go to OU, he wants to major in computer software development.

Lottery: Dick Patrick donated his $12 winnings to “tuning the piano.”  The big jackpot grew to $946.


  • Jonathan Davis explained that a Rotaract meeting was held this morning where the group adopted by-laws and a constitution. Elections will be held at the next meeting at 7:00 am on 3/5/20 at CHS. All members are welcome.
  • David Crawford passed around a card for Barry Adams wishing him a speedy return to health.
  • Ellery Elick let us know that it is crunch time on Rural Urban Day. He needs a head count today. Guests fees have already been paid through dues, so there is no reason not to attend next Thursday at the Presbyterian Church at 11:30 am.
  • Marie Crawford urged everyone to help on on Monday at the Community Kitchen.
  • Charlie Hedges: Drew our attention to the flyers at each table regarding the Rotary District Matching Point program. Info can also be found on our Rotary District’s website.
  • Ian Webb: The next Rotary After-hours will be on 02/27, at Gants Pizza.
  • Via e-mail:
    • o   District Foundation Chair, Price Finley, announced that the District Matching Points Campaign starts on 02/01/2020, and ends on 02/29/2020. The District will match point-for-point for up to a 1,000 point maximum. You can donate by either: 1) Writing a personal check, made payable to “The Rotary Foundation” for between $100 - $1000, or 2) Completing the form (can be found on District’s website) indicating your club and to which fund you want to contribute, or 3) Mailingcheck and completed form to : 6690 TRF Matching Gifts Campaign, ATTN: Bill Shorthill, PO Box 1155, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-0155.
    • o   The 2020 Rotary International Convention will be in Honolulu, Hawaii, from June 6th-10th, 2020. Link is: www.riconvention.org.

SAA: Judy Wolford noted that the only member pictured in The Herald was Tony Chamberlain. His fine got passed to Don McIlroy.

She then conducted a Jeopardy quiz based on the recent Greatest of All Time Tournament.

There will be no SAA next week.

Program: Roxan Sigmon introduced today’s speaker, Darrin Flick. Darrin is a Lancaster High School, American Military University, and Georgetown University graduate. He is a retired USMC officer and a former senior government official at the Department of Defense. He returned to Ohio in 2017 and is now the Director of Emergency Management, Homeland Security and E-911 for Pickaway County.

Darrin is married to Nikki and has two adult children, two grandchildren, and a black lab named Zeus.


  • 17 months in the position
  • Different than DC, but some of the same challenges
  • As EMA director he follows four precepts; Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
  • Preparedness:
    • What can be done ahead of time
    • Warnings, emergency kits, notifications
  • Response:
    • Supporting first responders
    • Things that happened in tornado, 43 living structures, big effort
    • Lucky, many people just escaped narrowly
    • 48 hours to get back to next phase
  • Recovery:
    • Ongoing—6 months more
    • FEMA is good at advertising, but creates very ‘high expectations
    • Have to manage those expectations—insurance companies bulk at paying
    • Federal Disaster area
    • Beware of shady contractors, but not much because better hunting in Dayton area
    • Lots of volunteer help
  • Mitigation:
    • Like preparedness, but on a regulatory basis, building codes, buying flooded areas, Grant money
    • Think about what a grant might be able to help

  • Homeland Security guy
    • Cyber security
    • Election security efforts are working
    • Confident in the results, but more to come
    • Protect infrastructure, water, roads, utilities
    • Analysis of vulnerabilities 
    • Transportation hub; rail lines with chemicals, Interstate, US highway
    • Special security events; Pumpkin Show, cooperation of various offices

  • 911 Coordinator
    • 2 centers in the county—City and Sheriff’s Office
    • Next Generation 911, texting, video, photos

  • Nixle Alert System
    • Have had a form, but the free version is not available now
    • Purchased premium version
    • Push alerts
    • 888777 text zip code to get alerts
    • Can be refined to desired alerts on EMA website

  • Increases in home grown violent acts; active shooters
  • See something, say something
  • Call 911 or call non-emergent lines at police, sheriff, or ema

  • Dam safety at AW Marion State Park—high impact, low probability list—in good shape, but regulations have changed—if done today, may not be at that location


Contact info: 

139 West Franklin Street
Circleville, OH 43113

P: (740) 477-1165
F: (740) 420-0090




In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pumpkin Show Park will be made in their names.

February programs:

27th: Rural-Urban Day @ The Presbyterian Church

March programs:

5th: Aspect of Ashville, by Bob Hines

12th: Gerhard Maroscher, about his second book

19th: Lt. James Brown from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Dept, about active shooters

26th: The Rotary Interact Program at Circleville High School, by CHS student, Oscar Knece

April programs:

2nd: Pickaway County Council on Youth Leadership (PCCYL) - Report on their trip to the Town Meeting on Tomorrow in St. Louis 

9th: Kindergarten 2020, by Lesley Wolfe

16th: Governor Mike DeWine 

23rd: Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Kevin Donahue

30th: Pickaway Progress Partnership (P3) update, by Ryan Scribner


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