Rotary Flashes


September Programs - Tony Robinson, Chair

1st - David Fausnaugh, Programs of the Pickaway County Library

8th - Arista Hartzlet, Pickaway County Parks District Board

15th - Robin Ridenour to speak on their Alpaca Farm and Business

22nd - Craig and Kim Wellman, Pumpkin Show Parades

29th - Club Day

October Programs - Rick Rawlins, Chair

6th - Meg Simmons, Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition, "Preventing Youth Drug Abuse"

13th - Zach Miller, co-owner of Lindsey's Bakery, "Lindsey's: A Circleville Landmark"

20th - No Meeting - Pumpkin Show Big Wheel Race/Ice Cream Booth

27th - Dan DeVille, "U.S. Marshals Service, Our History and Mission"

By: Marie Nemes-Crawford, Rotary Newsletter Editor; Marienc43113@gmail.com

Presiding: President David M. Crawford

Prayer: Dan Fouts

Piano: Esther Fouts

Song: Fred Mavis and Esther selected “Get Together” and “America The Beautiful”

Visiting Rotarians:Bryn Taylor Stepp - Rotarian & Manager of Regional Affairs for Lt. Governor Husted

Guests:Tony Robinson introduced his wife, Vickie

Students: next week…we hope…

Attending: (Drexel has official list)

September Birthdays: 3rd-Heidi White; 6th-Harry Canfield; 7th-Jim Hooks; 8th-Mark Bidwell and Mike Pelcic; 15th-Heather Foll; 21st-Dan Fouts and Tony Robinson; 23rd-Matt Hunnell; 27th-Jessica Mullins;

September anniversaries: 6th-Ty & Dacia Ankrom; 17th-Angela & Michael Beavers; 21st-Dan & Donna Dailey; 23rd-Todd & Carolyn Stevens; 25th-Matt & Anne Hunnell; 30th-Dave & Leigh Webb;

Mental Wellness Resources Ty Ankrom provided “happy dollars” for the peaceful resolution of an armed standoff in the county the day before. He urged members to not take mental health for granted. He provided two websites for parents and others who are concerned about the mental health of children and loved ones.

  • Parent Guidance
  • Cook Center for Human Connection
  • Announcements:

  • Board meeting next Tuesday at 11:30am - everyone is welcome
  • “Sock-tober” we are collecting winter socks thru October 27th for the all District Service Project. Angie Beavers said socks will be donated to the local Corner Closet on Mingo and Franklin who help those in need locally.
  • Chris Mullins announced a Pumpkin Show committee meeting on Monday, Sept. 19th - 5:15pm at Rhoads Farm Market. (There will be food.) Members: Bob McCrady, Chris Mullins, Bill Kramer, John Ellis, Brittany Kaiser, Daryl Wolfe, Bob Mabe, David Crawford,Jessica Mullins, Don McIlroy, Carly Neff, Ian Webb, Warren Spangler.
  • Pumpkin Show Booth- Please see Warren to sign up.
  • Pumpkin Show Booth will also have pre-sale tickets for “BIG” bowl of ice cream - $5.00/ticket. Warren has the tickets.
  • Dan Fouts announced After Hours on Oct. 13th, 5:30pm at Health Care Logistics. Catered by City BBQ with tours of the facility.
  • Gary Montgomery says Frontier Spirit 1799 will be held Sept. 24 & 25 at Alley Park in Fairfield County. Walk thru the woods. Volunteers are needed, see Gary.
  • Ty has District shirts if you ordered them - $25. Checks should be made out to Sunrise Rotary
  • SAA:Bob Sneed, who reminds us…often… it is a privilege to be called on

  • Dan Fouts is exempt from fines because of Esther sharing her talent
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries
  • Mark Bidwell’s picture was really big on the on-line version of the paper under the UFO sighted caption - pay $1
  • 33 days to Pumpkin Show - any orange blazer volunteers - pay $1
  • Logan Elm grads - pay $1 for football win
  • Presbyterian Church - 200 yrs old this week, members pay $1
  • Worst College Mascots trivia
  • Scholarship Drawing: Allison Catlos was the winner of the drawing $18. The jackpot is $609 and it continues!!

    Rotarians Tony Robinson with speaker Robin Ridenour

    Program: Robin Ridenour to speak on her and Aaron’s A&R Alpaca Farm

  • Farm has been around for 19 years
  • Robin donated a pair of alpaca socks for our Sock-tober drive!
  • Alpaca’s are sheared second weekend in May by Australian’s. It takes about 10 minutes per alpaca.
  • Alpaca’s lifespan is 5 years in the wild, at A&R lifespan into 20’s
  • Cannot defend themselves so there are dogs with them at the farm to protect them
  • Fleece is 5-8 inches and the barns have fans because they do get hot and heat stroke is possible so monitoring is important
  • Alpaca’s are at most 200 lbs. Want them lean so they can have room for babies to develop
  • 1
  • 994 was first import of alpaca’s to the US from Chile. Borders are now closed, so only have the herds raised in the US.
  • Ohio has the largest number of alpaca farms, at 400, in the US
  • Robin does lease alpaca’s to 4H kids. Very gentle and calm animals.
  • Farm tours are available - please call the farm for appointments
  • Gift shop is also at the farm (Harry is available to model and work the runway)
  • Robin sends the fleece to a company in Cincinnati to be spun into yarn
  • Crafters make sweaters/socks/hats for the Farm Store
  • Some of the yarn is sold to New Zealand
  • The farm does donate items to local fundraisers and take alpacas to local events
  • Alpaca meat is very dry and lean
  • Alpaca diet is 90% grass. Winter is hay with a cup of grain a day and limited alfalfa (because of fat content)
  • Alpaca get apple/oat treats
  • Gestation is 11-11.5 months
  • Latest babies name is Ava (named by Logan Elm vollleyball team since Aaron is the coach)
  • Alpaca Farm Days - Free-10am-5pm on Sept. 24 & 25th. Food trucks will be on site. Pre-Covid, had 500 people. Rt. 22 was getting too crowded so the front pasture will be opened for parking. Address is 10981 US Highway 22, Williamsport
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    In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to Pickaway Pathways for Success will be made in their names.

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